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today I am 37 yrs old.

funny, I don’t FEEL that “old”; heck, I remember when my mother had HER 37th b’day…!

we just got back from a family dinner at Market Street Grill, which I enjoyed quite a lot (it’s fairly pricey, so we seldom go); I’m still quite full, and I have plenty of leftovers for lunch on Sunday…  DH dropped the ball on the mini food processor I’d asked for (there’s still Christmas  😉 ), but he got me a gift certificate for Aromaleigh mmu (my fave!!) instead, so I’m still a happy girl…  🙂 Mum and Daddy gave me a couple of brown sugar bears, which I’m excited about being able to put to good use, once I buy some more brown sugar (both of mine got REALLY dry and crumbly, and I ended up just chucking the last bit)…

I finally got my iMac back (no ransom to be paid, either, as the repairs were all still under warranty, thank goodness!), but it’s still not running right (same problem again w/the monitor, GRRRRR), so it’ll have to go back again next week some time, but we were promised 24-hr turnaround, and I’m holding them to it!!  in the mean time, I’m scrambling to play catch-up after being essentially w/o a ‘puter for 6 days (borrowing DH’s macbook pro or the kids’ mac mini just isn’t the same — they’re just not MINE), trying to get back into the full swing of business as usual…