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an open letter to my federal elected officials:

Dear elected “representative”:

What on earth makes you think that you represent me and my family when you consider taking $700 billion from taxpayers to cover bad debts and malinvestments by Wall Street tycoons??  Last time I checked, theft was punishable by incarceration and stolen property was to be returned to its rightful owner.  Theft by deception, fraud, misappropriation, and/or malfeasance IS STILL THEFT!

Consider the situation in simple terms:  Mr X loaned his neighbour Mr Y $10, and Mr Y was mugged while he was carrying Mr X’s money.  With this proposed bailout, you’re essentially telling Mr X and Mr Y that the thief gets to keep the money he stole, and Mr X now has to pay Mr Y, since Mr Y was the one who actually got mugged, even though Mr X also lost money when Mr Y was mugged!  SURELY even YOU can see how unjust this is?

If you expect to continue to “represent” me, a mere common taxpayer, then I strongly suggest you vote AGAINST any proposed taxpayer-funded bailout.  I will be watching this issue VERY closely and will not hesitate to use your voting record against you if you dare vote in favour of bailing out Wall Street at taxpayer expense.

Sincerely, etc.

I have taken the action to email this very letter directly to both of my Senators and my congressman; if you care enough to actually DO something and make your voice heard instead of just sitting around grousing about this travesty to your friends, neighbours, colleagues, and anyone else who’ll listen, you NEED to contact your “representatives” as well, and Congress.org actually makes it very easy to do that.

Enough is enough!