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“rob the rich to feed the poor”

it’s one of THE most overused lines used by Socialists when discussing (read “ranting”) about economics. so let’s talk about it, shall we?

in the popularized tale of Robin Hood*, the outlaw supposedly “[robs] the rich to feed the poor,” but this isn’t entirely accurate: what Robin Hood actually does is take back from the gov’t (greedy Prince John, who’s usurped his brother King Richard’s throne in the king’s absence) what the gov’t has tyrannically and illegally taken from the king’s subjects. there’s no “wealth redistribution” program instituted by Prince John where he taxes the nobility and the gentry into oblivion to feed the poor; the oppression is all for his own personal enrichment.
*there are no classical Robin Hood ballads or tales that evince his “giving to the poor” except casually and incidentally

so can we PLEASE stop talking about people who promote “wealth redistribution” schemes like they’re Robin Hood? until someone starts taking back from the gov’t what is being tyrannically and illegally taken from the people — ALL of the people; I’m very sorry if you don’t happen to be one of the rich ones, but that’s hardly MY fault, and no, I’m not rich either — then we don’t have Robin Hood, we only have Karl Marx.