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I love shoes, and DH loves ankle straps, so imagine my delight at finding sexy Luichiny ankle-strap platform sandals on sale at Amazon:


(I got these in Rose as pictured, but they’re also offered in a sexy fire-engine Red)

Larry actually growled when I showed him pix of these when I was still considering buying them — that growl moved them from wish list to shopping cart, pronto! 😀 and of all the silly things to love about these shoes, I have to admit I love that they’re almost an EXACT match to Aromaleigh’s limited edition “high heels” eye shadow in their “holiday blast” collection — could NOT be more perfect for sexy touches of angelic pink accents from head to toe, through the holidays and well into Spring…! 😉

speaking of eye shadow, the limited edition holiday kits AND the limited edition “holiday blast” eye shadow collection both reflect some colours that I like to think I influenced or inspired (I sent a semi-solicited email to AL’s owner a couple of months ago w/some ideas for colours that I thought might be fun for winter hols), and I’m surprised by how VERY pretty some of them are, even more so than I’d imagined (I often find the same is true w/a jewellery design — it’s lovely in my mind, but once I finally make it and have the finished piece in front of me, it’s quite stunning)… if I did actually help break our beloved Miss K’s creativity block w/my suggestions, I’m very flattered and SO happy to have been of assistance!

back to shoes — we all know how important shoes are, especially around the holidays 😀 LOL — Amazon also happened to have a fabulous price on a pair of Luichiny grey satin pumps that are the perfect compliment to a silver lace sheath from Metrostyle:



I’m considering wearing this outfit to the New Year’s Gala at the Little America in SLC this year (we haven’t been for a couple of years, and that’s what Larry asked for as a Christmas gift: the gala package, which includes a 1-night stay in a tower suite), but it’s also terribly tempting to try to give him heart failure by wearing something just as pretty and feminine and lacy but rather more scandalous (and yes, it’s still fit to be worn in public LOL) — I’ll let y’all know what I decide… 😉