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I’m a devout Christian. I’ve never made any secret about that.

what I’m NOT is clairvoyant.

how can I (or any other mere mortal) be expected to know any other person’s religious/spiritual leanings or affiliations? answer: I can’t. so am I supposed to worry that I might possibly offend the bank teller, who might be Muslim, if I wish him a Happy Christmas? or that my massage therapist will feel slighted by my wishing her a Happy Christmas, since she happens to be Jewish? ’tis the season for political correctness? gimme a break.

the whole “Season’s Greetings” thing? when I wish someone a Happy Christmas, I’m not intending to offend (a very wise man once said “he who takes offense when none was intended is a fool, and he who takes offense when it IS intended is STILL a fool.”); I’m simply wishing them the very best that the season of my particular religious celebration happens to offer. would I be offended if my massage therapist wished me Happy Hanukkah? not in the least – again, I believe she’s extending to me the best wishes that the celebration of HER particular observance has to offer. same w/my pagan acquaintance who celebrate Winter Solstice, etc.

oh, and they’re not “holiday trees,” for crying out loud – they’re Christmas trees, and you’ll rarely (if ever) see them in homes that celebrate a holiday other than Christmas. nothing wrong w/that, just a simple statement of fact.

if we’d all spend less time worrying about offending (or being offended) and spend more time recognizing and participating in and sharing the love and peace and forgiveness and generosity that this time of year generally brings, and then try to keep that same attitude alive all the year ’round, we’d live in a much better world, and surely herald angels would sing about that…