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if you have young kids (I’d say aged 8yo and under) and you DON’T have PBS Kids Sprout, here are 5 of my own reasons why you should consider calling your cable or satellite provider and asking them to add Sprout to their lineup (or you can call 1-866-9-SPROUT to find out how to get PBS Kids Sprout in your area):

  • #5 – It’s almost advert-free. considering the program-advert ratio on most channels, PBS Kids Sprout has refreshingly few commercial interruptions, so my kids aren’t constantly being bombarded w/”buy this!” messages from advertisers
  • #4 – It’s hip. this isn’t a biggie for me (I’ve never been the center of cool and I don’t see that changing any time soon LOL), but it’s a biggie for kids, and while my kids are still way too young for me to feel comfortable letting them get into the whole High School Musical phenomenon (what’s suitable for teens and even tweens is NOT usually suitable for 5yos), the ultra-creative folks at PBS Kids Sprout found a way to let the preK set in on that craze w/their Preschool Musical…on a Stick!, featuring catchy songs, dance moves that are appropriate for 5yos, and popsicle stick-puppet versions of Sprout characters
  • #3 – It’s edu-taining. my kids LOVE learning when it’s as transparent as the programming on PBS Kids Sprout makes it – new shows like “Pajanimals” and old faves like “Fireman Sam” make learning FUN, and it’s easy for me to have teaching conversations w/my kids while they’re watching their favourite programmes
  • #2 – It’s wholesome. so much of what’s trotted out for kids’ consumption today (*coughcough* SpongeBob *coughcough*) tries to fob off crude, inappropriate, etc. behaviour as funny and acceptable; Sprout’s programming still teaches decent, basic values, like being polite and using good manners, taking turns, treating others kindly, being honest, etc. and does it in a way that’s engaging and fun

and my #1 reason why I love PBS Kids Sprout:

  • #1 – It’s safe. Sprout is my default channel on TV – I never have to worry about the scenes or language that my kids (or I!) might be exposed to when the TV’s on Sprout (no, I don’t watch Sprout after the kids go to bed, but while I’m checking the programming guide, I do keep the TV on Sprout until I finally settle on something else)

when we moved house this past summer, we found ourselves in the position of possibly having to give up PBS Kids Sprout (had to change cable/sat providers), and I was SO relieved when things worked out that we were able to keep Sprout! πŸ™‚

no, I’m not being paid or compensated in any way by PBS Kids Sprout for plugging their channel – I’m just a mom who loves knowing that I can trust what my kids are watching on at least one TV channel: Sprout!