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altho’ I’m not a big fan of snow and ice (mostly on roads — I don’t mind it elsewhere, b/c honestly it’s very pretty 🙂 ), I do like cold weather: this is soup and stew weather! DH isn’t a big fan of cream-based soups, tho’, so I’ve been challenging myself to find recipes that he’ll appreciate (why slave over a hot stove to make food people won’t like?); to that end, yesterday I found a recipe for French beef stew on allrecipes.com, altho’ as near as I can tell, the only reason anyone would have to call this stew French is b/c it has Dijon mustard as an ingredient… however, that being said, whatever you want to call it, this stew was QUITE good (of course I made a bunch of adjustments to the original recipe, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t LOL) — DH gave it 2 thumbs WAY up — and this will definitely become my go-to beef stew, so I’m sharing the recipe on my “My Favourite Recipes” page… enjoy! 🙂