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this afternoon we went as a family to visit the LDS temple in Draper while it’s open to the public — the kids have never been inside a temple before (only seen pictures), and I was very pleased by how reverent they were while we were there… as we walked through the temple, we quietly explained to our children what each of the different spaces and rooms are used for and the importance of the sacred covenants we make in the temple… I think they were all quite awed by the beauty of the appointments — all of the kids pronounced the spectacular crystal chandeliers their favourite part — but LDS temples are always very beautiful, both inside and out; the fine quality of both the workmanship and the materials used to build modern temples are “visible symbols of honour and reverence to God.”

afterward we had cookies at a large local LDS meetinghouse (a stake center) and spent some time looking at a display of other temples around the world — I told the kids about some of the other temples I’ve visited in other parts of the country and the world, and they could look at the large map on the wall and see all of the dots that showed where temples are located throughout the world (there are currently 128 LDS temples in operation, on every habitable continent of the globe, w/more continually being build when and where they are needed).

while the temples are very beautiful to see, the most beautiful thing about them is the feeling of peace and joy one experiences within their walls, knowing that they are part of God’s plan for the eternal happiness of all mankind…