I guess this might be considered a “resurrection post” for my blog – it’s been nearly 6 mos since I’ve posted anything, mostly b/c I’ve felt like life has kinda run right over the top of me for the last few months… but I’m starting to get my bearings again, adapting to my “new normal,” and I figured maybe it’s about time for me to crawl out from under my rock again… πŸ˜‰

part of emerging from lurkdom has included some serious housekeeping on my primary Twitter acct, which is now privacy-protected, at least temporarily. the silly thing had gotten so unwieldy as to be basically useless, but part of that is my own fault as I’d forgotten I’d signed up for a service that allows Twitter users to automatically follow back anyone who follows them – GAH, what a nightmare! you can imagine how many JUNK followers I’d accumulated, and it took a round of analysis by FakeFollowers and then a couple of hours of weeding through ~30% of my followers to trim things back to almost manageable levels… I’ll continue to cull followers over the next few weeks, then maybe – MAYBE – I’ll consider unprotecting my tweet stream again…

so to the end of explaining to my Twitter followers (and potential followers) and friends on other social media outlets what I’m doing and why, I’ve borrowed Neal Wiser’s Twitter Following Policy and adapted it for my own use; you can read the whole thing on my Social Media Following Policies page.