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DH is still raving about this dinner 2 days later, so I figured it’s probably blog-worthy 😉

one of our fave family recipes is a simple baked fish w/onions, cream sauce, and almonds; however, being born and raised primarily in the South, w/a thoroughly Southern mother who taught me how to cook, I still to this day CANNOT bring myself to turn on the oven if the temp outside is over 80F. but I’d been in the mood for this scrummy fish dish for a few days and decided to do a bit of poking around online to see if I could find something similar for the grill – the recipe gods were kind and I found something very like the baked version, only in foil packets for grilling.

my version is basically a combo of Almond-topped Fish from Allrecipes.com (the original baked version) and Foil-wrapped Fish w/Creamy Parmesan Sauce from kraftfoods.com (sans most of the veg), but to make it easy I’ve posted the full recipe w/my instructions for grilling on My Favourite Recipes (b/c my DH would probably scream “travesty! injustice!” if I didn’t 😉 lol), just remember to scroll to the bottom for the newest recipe… enjoy!