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there’s are many reasons I’m a huge fan and loyal customer of Aromaleigh mineral makeup, not the least of which is their phenomenal customer service (CS). Kristen Bell, AL’s owner, is the Queen of CS, and she proved it again today:

(first, a bit of background) for only the second time ever in more than 3 yrs of buying all of my makeup exclusively from AL*, I sent AL CS an email last week letting them know that I’d had a small problem w/my last order; I also asked if their policies had recently changed b/c certain of my orders were being fulfilled differently than what I was accustomed to — I only asked about the policy question b/c it appeared that there was a pattern to the change, and as a business owner myself, I’d want to be aware if a pattern was developing that wasn’t supposed to.
*except for mascara — AL no longer carries mascara, and I seem to keep going back to my cheapie little drugstore brand anyway, no matter what else I experiment with

so what happened today to prove AL’s CS is absolutely stellar? when I got my mail, not only was my missing product from AL in the envelope, but Kristen had also addressed the little secondary policy/order processing issue as well, which was completely unexpected — not only had she fixed the real problem, quickly and completely, she fixed a small, relatively insignificant problem as well!

do I get special treatment from Aromaleigh and its owner? maybe, but I believe I get the same consideration that any decent, respectful person would receive… when I shop anywhere, be it online or at a physical location, I don’t assume the merchant is wrong and I’m right; I don’t expect a company to kowtow to unreasonable demands and make exceptions to published policies for me; I’m not rude, condescending, or threatening in my correspondence or other communication… I know that people make honest mistakes, and I also know that if those mistakes are politely brought to their attention, most people — and any business owner worth his/her salt — are usually happy to fix the error quickly and with minimal fuss for the customer.

I had a similar experience w/my bank today — my debit card expires at the end of 07/09 (uhm, TODAY!), and I called to let them know that I still haven’t received the replacement. after checking my records, the CS rep found that a new card was supposed to have been sent out back in May, yet I’d never received it. not only did the CS rep make arrangements to send a replacement card (with the same card #, happy day!) out by FedEx for delivery no later than next Tues, he waived the expedited delivery fee for me, without my even asking! why? my guess is two things: 1) my bank is recognized in the finance industry as a leader in financial services AND customer service, and 2) I wasn’t hostile, I didn’t yell or curse at the CS rep, I didn’t make accusations or threats; I gave him an opportunity to correct the problem, and he did so brilliantly! 🙂

there are plenty of businesses out there who really know how to knock your socks off when it comes to customer service, but it makes it so much easier for them to WANT to deliver top-notch service when they’re dealing w/customers who are reasonable and polite.