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hubs is doing some marketing consulting work for Jyze, a portable arm-toning device that’s a bit complicated to get used to at first but promises results in ~6 wks — since I’m trying to stave off the dreaded “Relief Society arms” for as long as I can (it’s kind of a standing joke in LDS culture that many members of the women’s auxiliary seem to have flabby, flappy upper arms), I figured I’d give it a go, especially since it’s the kind of thing I can do while I’m sitting here at my desk trying to think of something pithy to write on my blog… πŸ˜‰ or while I’m working — the luxury of being a “knowledge worker” is that most of my work involves thinking, which oftentimes leaves my hands free for other activities, like twirling a pen between my fingers or picking dust bunnies out from behind my iMac (my desk is impossibly huge — it’s actually hubs’ desk and is much better suited to someone who’s 6’6″, not someone who’s 5’8″, but I digress), so I figure I might as well do something a lit-tle more productive <G> for anyone who’s looking for portable resistance training for upper arms, Jyze has the potential to be an affordable, effective solution, and I’m gonna give it a test drive myself and bring y’all along for the ride…

my plan is to start out w/maybe three 5-min workouts/day for a couple of weeks using the super-wimp 3# weight at ~50 ppm (pulls per minute; not to be confused w/parts per million) — I can’t exactly work to exhaustion since I still have to be able to actually use my arms during the day, go figure… ;\ I’ll add more workouts, raise weight, and increase ppm over time, eventually working up to a target of 30 mins total workout time w/an effective resistance of 70 #s (20# weight @ ~90+ ppm)…

there. now that I’ve announced this publicly, I guess I’m accountable to follow through — let the games begin!