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AL home_Aug09

just when I think Kristen — the brilliant and charming owner of my favourite mineral makeup company, Aromaleigh (AL) — can’t possibly keep up the pace w/all of the recent changes she’s implemented there (many of them announced in her “change is good” blog post; Miss K and I may be very nearly diametrically opposed in our political views, but I still love her to pieces), she does it AGAIN!!

in addition to releasing more new products, lowering her already affordable prices, reducing the minimum order amount from $10 to a paltry $5 (!!!), and letting customers choose the 3 free samples that come in each AL order, Kristen has now started including an EXTRA sample or two in with random orders, along w/the occasional FULL-SIZED goodie…!

now, in light of a few small problems I’d had w/a couple of recent AL orders and Kristen’s invitation to contact her if I had any more concerns about my orders, I sent off a quick email to Miss K this morning letting her know that something “strange” had indeed happened w/my latest order — this time I’d received extra product; imagine my surprise and delight when she replied that she’d decided to start randomly including little freebies in orders every once in a while! even more endearing was her explanation that she “thought {I’d} look lovely” in the colour she chose for me — I feel like I just got a personal gift from a dear friend, not “merely” a neat goodie from a merchant I shop with (gifts — of any size or value — are a big deal for me as they’re one of my primary “love languages”; it’s really stupid, but I’m actually sitting here tearing up thinking “my friend loves me” ❤ )…

ladies, if you’re not shopping w/AL, you are SOOO missing out! as a business owner myself, I can say that Kristen goes WAY above and beyond the call of duty trying to please her customers, and AL’s winning combination of quality, variety, and affordability make them a choice that the savvy makeup shopper truly cannot afford to overlook. I’ve been a die-hard loyal AL shopper for almost 4 yrs now (that’s saying a LOT for me!), and I cannot fathom what I would possibly do w/o my AL makeup…! (btw, this is NOT any kind of shill — as yet Kristen has no idea I’ve blogged all of this, and it’s not like I’m a big or even a dedicated beauty blogger anyway)

Miss K, big smoochies, dear lady — you’re one in a million ❤