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I’m not a big nail polish person. at least not usually on my fingernails; toes yes, but my fingernails are frequently the subjects of much abuse, even when I’m trying to be nice to them (i.e., refraining from using them as package openers, staple removers, pop top levers, etc.)… I don’t think I’ve varnished my fingernails for at least 12 yrs, so it was quite a shock to hub a couple of weeks ago when I decided to bust out the lacquer — fingers AND toes (I haven’t even varnished my toenails for probably going on 6 mos)… I used OPI‘s Calling All Goddesses, a delicate ultra-pale linen creme; by Day 3 I had chipping on my fingernails — even w/base and top coats and trying to be extra careful w/my new mani — and I was reminded why I haven’t bothered varnishing my fingernails for the past decade plus… of course, it’s not necessarily OPI’s fault — I happen to have extremely thin nails, which is part of the reason I keep my nails so short: if there’s any length to them they’re like little razors. :X

anywhoo, part of my renewed interest in my mani/pedi was anticipating the arrival of my new Zoya nail lacquers, which are supposed to be formulated specifically for natural nails, so I’m really curious to see how well they wear on me, altho’ I’ll admit I’m still using my OPI ridge-filling base coat and ultra-clear top coat (I haven’t sprung for any of Zoya’s prep/finish products yet)… I’d been curious about Zoya ever since I first noticed Decorative Diva and Kristen of Aromaleigh tweeting about them but funds have been tight for a while, so when Zoya offered a special coupon for three FREE nail lacquers if they hit 5k followers on Twitter, I jumped at the chance to try them, even splurging on a couple of extra lacquers to maximize the shipping cost. 4 of my 5 Zoya lacquers arrived Saturday afternoon (Freja — a metallic gunmetal grey I’m dying to see in person — is on backorder), and today my fingernails are a gorgeous vampy midnight blue called Indigo that I just can’t stop staring at:


sorry it’s a bit blurry – my cheapie little camera’s image stabilization doesn’t seem to work w/o flash, but trying to use the flash made me look like an oompa-loompah, so I gave up :S

Indigo is so dark it almost looks black, but if you look very (VERY) closely, it’s definitely a deeeeep navy blue. I have never EVER worn lacquer this dark on my fingernails, so that could be part of the reason I keep staring at my hands, but I really do like this colour. a LOT. I didn’t varnish my toes at the same time, but now I’ve decided to do them to match. hubs says he isn’t a fan of dark lacquers, so I’m indulging while he’s out of town on business; we’ll see what he says when he gets home on Fri (assuming my mani lasts that long, but 3 days shouldn’t be a hard record to beat)… vive le vernis Γ  ongles! πŸ˜‰