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when we got together today for a family BBQ picnic up one of the many canyons in Utah Valley, I hadn’t anticipated getting soaked — there was no rain in the forecast, and technically we weren’t camping, it was only a day trip, so we thought for sure Mum’s 25-year-plus “curse” of getting rained on every time we go camping wouldn’t apply here. but for some random reason someone made the observation that, “one way or another, we’ll probably get wet,” and what followed less than 2 hours later fulfilled that prediction in the most unexpected way: as we were eating our early dinner, suddenly the SPRINKLERS shot into activity several sites over! I guessed that we probably had 10-15 minutes before it cycled around to us, and we started packing things up; ~40 mins later, still no sprinklers, so our packing frenzy dropped off and we went back to eating. next thing I know, the lawn chair I was sitting in was literally lifted off the ground as the sprinkler head I happened to be sitting right on top of sprang into action, drenching me from the knees down! another BBQer at the next site over rushed over w/a large empty plastic storage box, which he jammed over top of the spraying sprinkler, at least keeping everyone else from getting the same soaking I did, and keeping me from getting any wetter than I already was. I will admit, the whole thing was funny in an annoying kind of way… I still blame my mother and her “wet family outing” curse 😉