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I’ve wanted to get eyelash extensions for about a year now, and today I finally did! I have to admit, it was much more uncomfortable than I’d anticipated, and my eyes still look a little red and puffy (mostly underneath) from the irritation of having the extensions applied, even 2 hrs later. but I’m amazed at the difference these little beauties make! see for yourself:


before_lash ext


after_lash ext

yes, the lighting in the “after” is different from the “before” — it’s quite dark and rainy this afternoon so I had to turn the bathroom lights on — but in both pix I’m not wearing a STITCH of makeup! what shocked me was that the tech said the lash extensions she used on me are only barely longer than my natural lashes, but my natural lashes are 1) very blonde and 2) very straight, so it’s just hard to see how long they really are; she said we could go down one lash size next time if I want to, but any shorter than that would make extensions pretty much pointless for me. who’da thunk?

there’s definitely some after-care that’s going to take some getting used to — have to use an oil-free makeup remover, no using eyelash crimpers or mascara (won’t take much to get used to that!), need to use q-tips instead of cotton balls to remove eye makeup (cotton strands from cotton balls are more likely to get tangled in the lashes and that’s not fun to pick out), can’t rub my eyes, etc. it took about 3 hrs to have a full set of lash extensions applied, and fills typically take about half that time every 3 wks; but considering the amount of time these babies will save me on a daily basis (not to mention not having to buy eyelash curlers, lash primer, or mascara for as long as I have extensions), I’m loving them! ❤