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I love Love LOVE the classic Grant/Hepburn movie Charade, and my absolute favourite scene in the film is w/the stamp dealer M. Felix, when Reggie learns the monetary value of the four rare stamps affixed to a torn envelope in her murdered husband’s personal effects. Felix’s love for these stamps is practically tangible, spoken in a hushed tone of almost reverent awe (IMO Paul Bonifas’ performance is ruddy brilliant).

I’m not a stamp connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, but I do find it fascinating that what are essentially tiny bits of coloured paper can be so extraordinarily valuable, often due to printing errors. misprints. MISTAKES. in a modern world seemingly obsessed w/physical perfection, it’s somehow…delightfully refreshing to know that it is in fact the physical FLAWS in rare stamps that actually makes them so precious and highly sought after.

remember that thing about yourself you think is a “flaw” when you look in the mirror? maybe it’s the freckles you never outgrew, or your nose that slants slightly to the left. maybe you think your hips are too big, or you don’t have “enough” curves. maybe your hair seems to have a mind of its own, or maybe your toes curve in and almost fold under each other. that “flaw” is what makes you, YOU; whatever it is, nobody else will ever have another exactly like it. embrace it. revel in it. celebrate it. you are a living, breathing “Treskilling Yellow,” the only one of its kind in existence and absolutely priceless.