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this is a REALLY big deal for me, as I’ve never done anything so dramatic w/my appearance before — the most I’ve ever done is gone from long hair (well past bra strap length) to short (a couple of inches below my chin) when I donated my hair to Locks of Love several years ago. this has actually been a whole week of firsts throughout my transformation: on Mon I got lash extensions (which I love! more on that in the next day or so); yesterday I enjoyed a microdermabrasion treatment at my skin spa, Simply Skin Laser (the tech there also does my laser hair removal — she’s very good, and her prices are fantastic!); today I went to my hair stylist at Azalea Day Spa and had her colour my hair a rich dark red, almost burgundy:


before_hair colour


after_hair colour

I love how my new hair colour seems to really make my eyes POP, and in general the contrast now between my hair and my skin is more flattering than my natural dark blonde was IMO (light skin, light eyes, light hair — I looked pretty monochromatic). kinduva funny side note: when I first started toying w/the idea of colouring my hair NOW (as opposed to waiting until I start going grey, which could still be several years off for all I know) and told a few people I was thinking about going red, most of them quickly said that red hair would suit my personality better than blonde anyway. 😉 at any rate, we just did a demi today, since I’ve never coloured my hair before and my stylist suggested that demi colour would be the best way to kind of ease myself into hair colour — if I hated it (which I’m happy to say I don’t 🙂 ) it would be much easier to go back to my natural hair colour than if we jumped in at the deep end w/a permanent colour. but I do think I may just have my stylist do a permanent colour next time and probably even go a bit more vibrant w/the colour. now the fun part will be seeing what I can do w/this transformation!