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when I was growing up, trick or treating was limited to houses w/porch lights on: porch light = welcome, no porch light = don’t bother us. it was simple, straightforward, and easy to explain to even the littlest goblins. apparently in Utah that rule doesn’t apply, as I had trick or treaters ringing my doorbell starting at 6:10pm, when I was still finishing dinner preparations. I wasn’t going to answer the door — I was BUSY — but of course my kids couldn’t leave it alone, GRRR.

also, I was rather surprised that my doorbell rang at 10pm — more trick or treaters (older kids). aren’t there rules about 6-9pm kind of being the “normal” times for trick or treating? if you’re old enough to be out trick or treating at 10pm, you’re old enough to be out somewhere at a Halloween party, so go away and leave me and my doorbell alone. 😛

am I the only person (at least in Utah) who thinks porch lights are visual cues for trick or treaters? do y’all have generally accepted time for trick or treating? are there any “common” rules where you live?