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our dishwasher is broken: dishwashers don’t like being left in disuse for very long, usually a couple of weeks MAX; I’ve no idea how long this one sat unused before we moved in, but it was long enough for an expensive part (why in heaven’s name isn’t it ever a cheap part??) to seize up and stop working. so I’ve been living w/o a dishwasher for 2+ wks now, and I have to admit this brief period of deprivation has made me a lot more appreciative of how very spoiled I am, not having to wash dishes by hand every night. the dishwasher repair guy is supposed to be here between 2-4pm today (he’s got 20 mins before he’s late, bah), and I solemnly promise that I will take good care of my dishwasher once she’s fixed, making sure she doesn’t feel neglected by giving her plenty to do every day (okay, every OTHER day — you have any idea how hard it is to dirty up an entire dishwasher-load of dishes w/just 3 people eating meals at home most of the time?). I’ll also buy a dishpan and a back-up pair of gloves. but don’t tell her I said that.