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KVZ purple Heartbeat Hobo

I’ve been looking for a new purse for a few months now after I wore out my old Nine West mini-shopper (loved it, used it every day, but it wasn’t in BAD condition so I donated it to DI, Utah’s version of Goodwill). I don’t usually care for hobo-style bags, but 2 things about this Kathy Van Zeeland Heartbeat Hobo sucked me in: 1) the price — I got it for more than 50% of retail on Amazon; and 2) the colour — for some reason I’ve been craving a rich purple w/a fun effect like patent or metallic, and this totally fit the bill. I also love the chunky hardware and the stud accents. I haven’t actually had to go anywhere yet today so I’ve yet to use it to comment on its functionality, but judging from the interior pockets and the lack of things to interfere w/access (like the chunky lock that flops over the top of my Chloe knock-off satchel — LOVE the bag, horribly inconvenient for everyday use), it looks like it’ll get a lot of use. 🙂