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I spent 3 hours — yes, HOURS — trying to get home from downtown SLC yesterday (left my appointment around 4:30pm, finally got home shortly after 7:30pm). traffic was moving slowly but not so slowly that I could use my iPhone to check local news for info on why traffic was so jammed up, even on side roads; from what I could tell from snippets of local radio traffic reports, there had been an accident on I-15 around 80th South that was backing up traffic all the way to the Spaghetti Bowl (up around 21st South, several miles north of the crash) and secondary roads as well. it wasn’t until later that I got more info about what had happened: Fatal Rollover Accident Halts Traffic on I-15 Near 8000 South (KSTU-Fox13) (sorry, I can’t embed video on my blog unless I shell out ~$60/yr for a video upgrade, and I’m just too cheap to do that πŸ˜› LOL) — turns out it was actually multiple accidents at several points along I-15 South, all caused by one man who was killed in the last accident.

this is one of those extreme examples that illustrates how everything we do can oftentimes reach much further than we can even imagine. I have no idea why this man died, but even as he lost his life those accidents affected the lives of literally tens of thousands of other people who never knew him and whom he never knew. it’s not just people we know and who know us who feel the ripples of our life.