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old-fashioned wisdom from before grandma’s time was that brushing your hair w/100 strokes every day is good for your hair. having incorporated this practice into my own daily routine, I can see a couple of distinct benefits.

for starters, I can go 4 days w/o washing my hair (I simply shower w/o shampooing) b/c the oils that would typically accumulate at my scalp (which is what attracts dirt and often makes unwashed hair look “greasy”) are distributed along the length of my hair by brushing — today is day #4 between shampoos, and my hair is just now starting to look the tiniest bit oily around the front sides, just above my ears. I should note that I’ve been using a nylon bristle brush w/very widely spaced bristles, not a natural bristle brush w/dense bristles, which might yield even better results b/c the denser brush would logically do a better job distributing oils along the hair shaft. also, I’m pretty sure it helps that my hair is past my shoulders; I doubt that women w/short hair would derive as much benefit from the 100 strokes/day routine b/c there’s just less hair for the oils to be distributed along. I think it also helps that I colour my hair, which does open up the hair shaft and dry hair out, no matter how healthy or natural the colourants you use, so my hair “drinks in” the oil that’s distributed by brushing, helping to keep my hair lubricated and soft (who cares how fabulous your colour is if your hair itself looks like straw?). and I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that I live in an arid climate; I don’t know if gals in humid zones would be able to get away w/as much time between washing.

other benefits I’ve noticed: shampooing my hair less often means my colour lasts longer; I use less colour-depositing shampoo and conditioner, making them last longer; and I use less water, which is good for both my utility bill and the environment.

I’ve also noticed that I’m not shedding all over creation, since the extensive brushing sessions seem to do a pretty good job removing hairs that are ready to come out anyway. this might end up being very good news for our vacuum, which DH has to routinely half-disassemble to give the beater bar a “haircut” b/c of all of the accumulated long hair that gets wrapped around it. (attractive, huh? LOL)

there’s a potential downside here, tho’, at least for me: my thick hair already grows so flippin’ fast that stimulating my scalp and hair follicles by brushing my hair 100 strokes every day could possibly make my hair grow a) faster, b) thicker, or — worst case scenario — c) both. guess we’ll just have to wait and see…