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my friend Kristen challenged those of us who read her blog post today to write our own list of 100 things that make us happy, things we’re thankful for but may not consciously show gratitude for having them or having experienced them. so here’s my list, not in any particular order:

  1. a clean kitchen sink
  2. holding my husband’s hand
  3. baby giggles
  4. “I love you.”
  5. classic literature
  6. my iPhone
  7. a nice, comfy house that’s big enough to host family get-togethers w/o being crowded
  8. long soaks in a hot tub w/exotic bath salts
  9. lash extensions
  10. living close to my family
  11. cheesecake w/blueberries
  12. tulips
  13. warm fuzzy sweaters in winter
  14. the smell of a new leather handbag
  15. Sherlock Holmes
  16. my eye shadow collection
  17. graphic tees
  18. jeans that prompt my husband to say “your butt looks really good in those”
  19. shrimp cocktail
  20. my big fat iMac
  21. when my kids are obedient
  22. going to church w/my family
  23. my red hair
  24. sparkly stuff
  25. high heels
  26. fresh snow (as long as I don’t have to drive anywhere)
  27. chocolate truffles
  28. nail polish
  29. the feeling I get knowing I made someone else smile
  30. homemade gravy
  31. the smell of crayons
  32. mystery novels
  33. rainy nights
  34. chunky jewellery
  35. fresh homemade applesauce
  36. people who wave “thank you” when you do something nice on the road
  37. painting walls in a room
  38. crossing a task off my todo list
  39. Mythbusters
  40. clean sheets fresh out of the dryer
  41. the Lego daisy my daughter gave me for Mother’s Day
  42. getting IMs from my husband when he’s away, even if he’s only gone to the store
  43. short lines
  44. movie theatre popcorn w/lots of butter and salt
  45. faux fur
  46. French doors
  47. having my own car, and a very nice one at that
  48. playing mad scientist
  49. trying a new recipe and having it turn out perfectly
  50. dance remixes
  51. fluffy pink slippers
  52. hot stone massages
  53. the sound of water trickling over rocks
  54. sleeping in
  55. strawberries dipped in sour cream and rolled in brown sugar
  56. the way my heart races w/excitement when I hear military jets fly overhead
  57. “new baby” smell
  58. vellum
  59. my gas range
  60. spiral staircases
  61. memories of my mother’s parents
  62. little foods, esp hors d’oeuvres and canapes
  63. making custom ringtones w/Garage Band
  64. quiet
  65. dupioni silk
  66. Monet’s “Bridge at Giverny”
  67. high-altitude French lavender
  68. playing “hidden object” computer games w/my daughter
  69. Twitter
  70. the collected writings of C.S. Lewis
  71. satin ribbon
  72. body creme custom made from exotic plant butters
  73. Aromaleigh Gothic Lolita lippies
  74. scarves
  75. Muppets
  76. having my scalp massaged when I get my hair cut
  77. Christmas ornaments
  78. the sense of accomplishment when I’ve finished a project
  79. old Cary Grant movies
  80. compliments, both giving and receiving
  81. romantic getaways
  82. Baby Bel cheeses
  83. dancing
  84. being able to still speak enough German to be understood by my sister’s in-laws
  85. my belief and faith in an Almighty Creator and His Son, and the little daily miracles that reaffirm that faith
  86. Webshots Pro
  87. USAA mobile banking
  88. layered necklaces
  89. kitten heels
  90. getting all choked up every time I hear “The Star-Spangled Banner”
  91. granite countertops
  92. inspiration
  93. looking back and seeing how far I’ve come
  94. feeling calm
  95. herbs and spices
  96. Carl Bloch’s artwork, particularly his etchings
  97. learning something new
  98. bursts of creativity
  99. falling in love w/my husband all over again
  100. peaceful moments

once you get started, it’s surprising how easy it is to keep going! may the spirit of gratitude and Thanksgiving stay with us always, not only on one designated holiday, that we may have joy the whole year through: “A thankful heart is a happy heart.” Wishing you and yours happiness and abundance. XOXO