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it’s been a standing joke in the Johnson family (my childhood family) for donkey’s years that we’re all on a “see-food” diet 😉 — fortunately we happen to have high metabolisms to support that kind of gastronomic indulgence. but I do love seafood (altho’ for the record crawfish are NOT seafood, thankyouverymuch), and I’ve been looking for a good seafood chowder recipe for ages. struck GOLD w/two recipes recently, one a creamy New England-style, one a rich tomato-based Manhattan-style but w/a decidedly more Mediterranean flair. but of course I can’t ever use a recipe exactly the way I find it, so these have been tweaked from the originals, and to a sufficient degree that I feel comfortable calling them my own. my kids won’t touch seafood (maybe they’ll get smarter when they’re older {G}) so these won’t get the * of kid-approval on the “My Favourite Recipes” page, but I’ll definitely be fixing these again for me and DH to savour. 🙂 Larry isn’t crazy about cream-based soups (or scallops, for that matter), but he still liked the creamy chowder; however, I got two thumbs WAYYY up from him on the cioppino (the tomato-based stew) and he told me it’s right up there w/my creamy tomato-basil soup, which he’d mainline if the tomato chunks wouldn’t clog the IV LOL my father is also a big seafood fan, and he gave his seal of approval to both of these chowders — enjoy!