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I love Doctor Who. really. Really. LOVE. I was SO sad when I found out David Tennant is leaving the show (altho’ from a professional standpoint I can see his perspective: it’s either move on now, or they’ll be prising the keys to the TARDIS out of his cold dead hands, Time Lord love him); I was CRUSHED when I found out they wouldn’t even run season 5 until 2010, that there would only be a handful of specials in 2009, incl’g the traditional Who Christmas bash (after all, what’s Christmas w/o alien invasion, impending disaster, and the entire human race teetering on the brink of destruction? {G}). so I was really looking forward to “The Waters of Mars,” the first year-end special. and I found myself not only disappointed, but downright upset: perhaps they’re trying to make it easier for those of us who’ve become quite attached to the Tenth Doctor to make the transition to the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith — no idea who he is, so in all fairness the jury’s not just out, they haven’t even convened LOL), but I was frankly beyond irritated by the sudden and inexplicable shift from the Doctor’s usual persona of irresistibly charming “happy-go-lucky meets lonely, careworn wanderer” to a dreadfully callous, arrogant, presumptuous, demi-god bully. it was nothing short of appalling. so if the writers/producers are trying to help Tenth Doctor groupies get past that character, I’m SOOO there. already. I may be TOO there — not actually sure I want to watch the other two year-end specials now, not sure I want to watch season 5 (sorry, Matt, nothing personal). anyone else (besides me and hub) have this reaction?