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overall, I’d say this was a good year. yes, the Ross family had our share of significant problems to deal with, and I faced some personal challenges of my own, but the good that came out of those problems outweighed the bad, and in some cases the good couldn’t have come about any other way than through those particular problems (the Universe either has an extremely well-developed sense of humour or a heightened sense of irony — perhaps both).

I’ve ended projects, started projects, ended more projects, shifted gears, changed direction, changed priorities, grieved lost opportunities and unrealized dreams, and begun anew. I’ve learned a lot this year, about the world around me and especially about myself.

when I look back on a year like this one and see all of the wonderful things that have happened and the wonderful people I’ve met or grown closer to, I can’t help but feel blessed. I’m so grateful for my friends, even the ones I’ve never actually met in person (yet!). I’m grateful for your generosity, your trust, your humour, your patience, your wisdom, your creativity, your encouragement, your love. I’m thankful for the things you teach me, b/c we don’t all have the same beliefs, opinions, or priorities; I respect and benefit from those differences, and I’m grateful that you, too, can see past our differences and love me as your friend. I don’t want to start listing off names b/c I know I’d overlook someone quite unintentionally; I may not be able to think of all of you constantly, but y’all all cross my mind frequently and fondly, and for reasons as varied as all of y’all are. I may never be able to repay your kindnesses to me directly, but I make a daily effort to pay them forward as a tribute to you. thank you, not only for who you are and for sharing part of yourselves w/me, but for who you help me be.

with much gratitude and love, and with heartfelt prayers that your 2010 will be blessed with abundance in all the best aspects of life,