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NYE2009 my younger sister introduced me to the concept of energy profiling, developed by local author Carol Tuttle and explained in Tuttle’s book It’s Just My Nature!. I’m always fascinated by new ways of looking at myself, not only for the sake of understanding myself better but to improve my relationships w/others as well.

reducing the concept to an almost embarrassing degree of oversimplification, the *four elemental energy types are:

Type 1/air — talkative, bubbly, random; highest movement
Type 2/water — easy going, connected, enjoys comfort; low movement
Type 3/fire — passionate, energetic, driven; second-highest movement
Type 4/earth — quiet, “grounded,” perfecting; low to no movement

(*no, there are no “ether” or “metal” elements in classical elemental mythology, sorry)

interestingly enough, after reading all of the sections on the different types — which includes information on physical attributes of each type (like shape of face and facial features, skin texture, etc.), as well as personality traits, thought processes, and basic values — I realized I relate most to Type 4, followed closely by Type 1. essentially polar opposites. extremes. and for any of you who know me, you’re probably laughing and nodding your head by now. explains a lot about me, huh? I’m pretty much a walking contradiction. lol

but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, and looking back on different experiences and situations in my life, I can see how those extremes in my energy have worked to my advantage, even tho’ I was unaware of it at the time. I’m wondering how much more empowering it will be to knowingly recognize how I’m channelling my energy and why, and what, if anything, I choose to do about it; I’ll let you know! 🙂