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for anyone out there who’s ever been on the receiving end of a snicker or two from me re: your Snuggie, you may now openly mock me: I bought a pair of *Uggs. and I like them.

*technically they’re EMUs, I’m not daft enough to drop $$$ on Uggs when so many of the reviews of the EMUs said they’re just as good as Uggs for considerably less, particularly the style I bought. I actually got my EMUs at a killer price as an Amazon “Gold Box Deal of the Day” ❤

yes, I’ve previously declared Uggs to be Ugg-ly, a major fashion faux-pas, and while I stand firm in my opinion that they’re not flattering at all (two words: Franken foot), they’re sooooo stinkin’ comfy that I don’t care. 😀

I was slightly concerned that I might find sheepskin boots uncomfortable, since wool and even wool blends tend to irritate my skin, but I’m quite pleased that I haven’t had a problem w/these at all.

next thing ya know, I’ll buy a Snuggie.

mmm, maybe not. LOL