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I’m wild about this series, and that’s not something I casually admit. there are currently only two books available, but the third is in the works, and there will be six books in the series when all is said and done (now you know I’ve been busy reading instead of blogging {G}). there are already preliminary plans to have these books made into feature films, and after reading the books, I have my heart set on auditioning for the part of Jervaise, the Goddess of Fire. interestingly enough, she hardly figures into the first book at all, and we don’t see much of her in Book 2, either; but I have in on good authority (directly from the author, actually, and he’s THE authority) that Jervaise becomes more prominent as a character in later books.

Jervaise is one of the only gods of Ancients Sovereign who isn’t human(oid); her natural form is a floating ball of energy, perhaps a counterpoint to (or even a relative of) the wisp known as the Siren’s Song. when dealing w/the other members of the Farendrite Collective, as the surviving gods of the God Wars are known, Jervaise can materialize into the form of a beautiful woman, but she doesn’t make a habit of this (can you say “voiceover”? {G}), nor does she seem to have much interest in appearing to her followers on the worlds governed by the Collective. even so, being the goddess of fire, Jervaise is the patroness of creatures like dragons and phoenixes, and how can that not be ultra-cool? 😉

there is a huge event scheduled for 6 Feb (Sat) @ the B&N in Murray, Utah, from 12-2pm — come meet the author of the series along w/me and other actors intending to audition for various roles in the films, and be prepared to have fun!

official Worlds of the Crystal Moon news and info can be found on the official website, and you can also join fans of the series on Facebook. for the latest news and info on my involvement in the project, pls join the “Tanya Ross as Jervaise in Worlds of the Crystal Moon” FB group.