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ladies and gentlemen, I now have my very own page on the official Worlds of the Crystal Moon website! 😀 many thanks to the author himself, Phillip E. Jones, for putting that together for me and posting it on his website.

I’m excited to be getting more involved w/this project — I’ve already had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people because of it, and I’m so grateful for the support and encouragement I’m receiving from friends and family, even as-yet strangers.

btw, in addition to actors interested in auditioning for roles in the movies, Phillip has invited Randin Graves, the composer for the theme music, to preview the _Worlds of the Crystal Moon_ overture for everyone who attends the big Barnes & Noble event in Murray, Utah, next Saturday. Randin has described the overture as “big orchestra & metal, with a tiny bit of electronica” — think “Lord of the Rings meets Linkin Park and Evanescence,” w/some Metallica thrown in for good measure. I can hardly wait to hear it!