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just a few random thoughts on custom skin care I’ve been dabbling with over the last year or so:

I love the papaya & pineapple masque I’ve been using (it’s an enzyme-based chemical exfoliant), as long as I keep it down to 1x/wk max, otherwise my skin starts flaking from over-exfoliation; same thing w/the nighttime resurfacing serum I concocted — there IS such thing as too much of a good thing. ;\ I do like the scent of the nighttime resurfacing serum (fresh and faintly floral); I’m debating if I want to try adding a smidge of fragrance to the masque as well. I’ve gone back to using the regular (unscented) serum w/o any additives, for now — I’d love to try adding a few drops of frankincense EO and orchid complex (both anti-aging additives) to it for a daytime formula and see what happens w/that. 😉 the under-eye creme works beautifully, but I may experiment w/a few more additives IF I can find what I’m looking for…

the creme facial cleanser leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth, which I love (doesn’t leave my skin feeling taut or stripped); debating on adding a light fragrance to that one as well, but I really do like the unscented batch I’ve been using. thinking about adding some cypress EO to the foaming body wash, not so much for fragrance as for the antiperspirant effect.

I may experiment w/blending some of my shealoe butter with a bit of the body wash and add some turbinado sugar to it to make a cream body scrub. the shealoe is pretty stiff, so I think I’ll be fine adding a non-solid cleanser to it instead of melt-and-pour soap (altho’ I do have some of that as well). I’d add salt instead of sugar, except the only fine-grain salt I have on hand costs a small fortune, so it would be beyond foolish to use it in a scrub (I use it in bath soaks and body wraps instead).

just got full sizes of an herbal lotion base and an ultra-thick creme base — might try adding a bit of the “firm and tone” botanical complex I have to some of the lotion, see how that works on my upper thighs (sometimes I swear it’s the motion of massaging the lotion into one’s skin more than it is the ingredients of the firming creme, but I’m reluctant to try one leg w/firming creme and one leg w/straight lotion in case the firming creme actually works LOL). I love having unscented lotion on hand, but I’m thinking I might blend up a couple of different scented batches as well, I’ll just have to see what strikes my fancy once I finally hit my “laboratory.” MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA 😉