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it’s been a long, cold winter, and so far spring has been pretty chilly this year (which is actually okay w/me — hothouse flower I’m not, and Utah summers can be pretty brutal), but w/all of the grey, overcast weather we’ve had lately, I’ve been in the mood for COLOUR — like electric blue metallic and glitter nail lacquers 😀

colourZoya‘s Tart is described on their website as “A vibrant medium blue-raspberry candy blue with soft metallic shimmer. A lighter way to wear the blue trend.” it def has a lighter “feel” than some of their darker blues, which can feel rather brooding — by contrast, Tart is a bright, juicy blue that makes me think of snow cones, yayhappy! 🙂 on my monitor the colour is pret-ty dang close to reality, but ymmv.

finish: Tart is metallic, just as described on Zoya’s website — not a foil metallic, and def more subdued than a frost, but w/more sheen than a pearl finish. no sparkle; just smooth metallic shiny goodness.

opacity: Zoya classifies Tart as a level 4 intensity (1 = sheer, 5 = opaque), which is accurate enough — I got decent coverage w/1 coat, but I don’t think I could get away w/wearing less than 2 coats b/c I’m awful at applying lacquer evenly over my nails. :\

side note: Zoya is also running their nail polish exchange again, which is a great way to get rid of old, unwanted nail colours from elsewhere (any brand but Zoya or their sister brands) and get delicious new Zoya lacquers for only $3.50/bottle (for processing and shipping — it’s an amazing deal!), plus the peace of mind that comes w/knowing Zoya will dispose of your old polishes responsibly instead of you just chucking them in the rubbish. I haven’t sent in my old lacquers yet, but I’ve already figured out what I’m getting rid of and what I want to replace them with. so yes, expect a haul post in future! 😉

I also got sucked into the whole Alice in Wonderland craze a few months ago and bought OPI‘s Alice-inspired collection, in minis. I love glitter polishes, esp on my toesies, but I gotta tell ya, Mad as a Hatter and Absolutely Alice are both a royal pain and a half to remove — it takes longer to get them off than it does to put them on! 😦 so while they’re my two faves from the collection, I’ve taken to wearing them only on my toes (my rationale is that, w/the exception of my big toenails, my other toenails are much smaller than my fingernails, so removing glitter from toes is a little less work). I’m in desperate need of a pedi right now, so pls pardon the piggie pix, they’re not as pretty as they could be.

Absolutely Alice is a bright turquoise blue glitter w/sprinkles of gold throughout. the glitter itself is ultra-fine, so keep that in mind in terms of taking it off: it tends to shred cotton balls/pads, and it also takes a while to get all of the teeny-tiny stray flecks cleaned up.

I have a love/hate relationship w/pedis: my feet are super-sensitive, so I have to find a pedicurist (yeah, still looking) who understands the concept of “firm touch,” b/c when my feet are tickled I tend to flinch, and I’d hate to hurt someone that way. I usu just do a quick pedi at home (I’m def due for one), but every once in a while there’s just nothing quite like having someone else do your toes, esp when it comes w/a leg massage and a foot rub. AHHHHHHHHH. 🙂