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I’ve seen a lot of people post on Twitter and Facebook that they dislike all of the posts on Twitter and Facebook about weather and/or food — “it’s just stupid,” is what the common complaint seems to boil down to.

I have my own little pet theory about why so many of us feel almost compelled to post about food and weather: they’re things we all share w/every other human being on the planet. we all have to eat, and we’re all subject to the whims of the weather in our various locales. as diverse as humanity is, as varied as our values and priorities may be, there is comfort in the sameness among us. so we share what our weather is like and how it’s affecting our mood, our health, our plans for the weekend, etc.; we post about what we’re eating, what we’d rather be eating, what we’d eaten and wish we hadn’t… ;\ lol and we enjoy knowing that somewhere out there, someone else thinks their weather sucks, too (even if we’re too cold and they’re too hot), or someone else loves Double-Stuf Oreos or sushi or kartoffelsalat (German potato salad) as much as we do.

black bean chili, anyone? it’s still great soup weather… 😉