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this time, powder (finally!); you can read about my experience w/Surya’s henna creme here.

I’ve been using the powder form for several months now (as opposed to the pre-mixed creme), and it’s not hard to mix up at all, even for a relative hair colour novice like myself. I do make a 50/50 blend of Red and Burgundy Surya Henna powder when I henna my hair. why do I blend? I find that the Burgundy helps tone down the Red, which starts to look a weird and artificially orangey hue on my naturally ash-blonde hair if I don’t cut it w/the Burgundy. I have a small scale w/a tare function (allows me to negate the weight of a container), so I just measure out 25g of Red plus 25g of Burgundy to equal a normal 50g pkg into my bowl — easy peasy lemon squeezy. 😀

mixing henna paste from powder is pretty similar to making gravy or roux, only you’re not standing over a hot stove. <G> I add about half of the water called for (slightly less than 5 oz total; I’m not precise w/the water as “close enough” seems to work just fine 😉 ) to the powder and honey, then carefully mix everything together to form a thick paste, which I gradually add more water to until I’ve added the entire qty of water — adding the water gradually helps prevent the mixture from lumping up, which makes it easier to apply.

I do use a brush for applying hair colour — I find it’s much easier to really work the henna paste into my roots that way, vs using just my fingers. I apply the henna to my roots on the sides and top and sort of the back (I really need a third hand for that, which I don’t happen to have), then I take the remaining henna paste and gently smoosh it into the length of my hair to 1) help brighten up the colour (red does tend to fade rather quickly) and 2) blend the new colour in w/my existing colour.

hub gave me a spiffy new digital camera as a special gift, so now I can include pix, YAY! this is what my hair looks like freshly hennaed (and for comparison’s sake, yes, I’m wearing a bright orange shrug — the colour looks pretty close on my monitor, but ymmv):

no, I’m not wearing any makeup, and no, I haven’t styled my hair yet — this is just freshly coloured, rinsed, and dried, so the only products I have in it here are my usual Aveda goodies: Damage Control, Hang Straight lotion, and Light Elements Smoothing Fluid.

Surya Henna’s powder is a semi-permanent colour that’s supposed to last 20-30 shampoos; given my 3x/wk shampoo regimen, that s/b ~10 wks for me. however, I have to colour my hair every 2-3 wks b/c it grows so fast, and my ash-blonde roots look GREY (or I look like I’m going bald, esp along my part) in contrast w/the vibrant red. no roots for me! I do have my hair professionally coloured ~1x every 3 mos, but IMO it gets pretty expensive (there’s no way I could afford to do that every 3 wks!), and using the henna in between pro colour is giving me results I like just fine. 🙂