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it’s the time of year when I feel almost compelled to clear out old/unused/obsolete things and start afresh.

my compulsion isn’t limited to just things, either: old relationships  — usu just acquaintances — that add no value to my life, or worse yet, those that bring just a lit-tle too much negative energy into my life, are fair game as well; this goes for real life and virtual relationships. fortunately I don’t have any real life relationships that need to be swept out right now, but some of my “friends” on Facebook will soon find they’re no longer “connected” to me (that is, if they notice — most of them have so little interaction w/me as to probably not faze them when I disappear).

a couple of weeks ago, I culled my nail lacquer collection so I could send a bunch of old lacqs that I don’t just LOVE (basically b/c they’re not in harmony w/my natural energy; if they were, I’d probably be wearing them instead of letting them sit in the box in my bathroom closet collecting dust) to Zoya for their nail polish exchange, which I’ve blogged a couple of other times now (yeah, I’m a little excited <G>) — out w/the old, in w/the new! 😉

the other night I got started on deliberately clearing out some clothes in my wardrobe that don’t harmonize w/my bold, bright energy. specifically, I’d bought some cute embellished tees a couple of years ago that have spent WAYYYYY more time in the closet than on my frame, and I realized that it’s b/c they’re “soft and subtle,” which I am anything but. ;\ lol again, they don’t harmonize w/my natural energy, so they’re going to someone whose energy I know they’ll be very compatible with. I have a few other items that I’m slowly coming to grips w/getting rid of — it’s just hard for me to admit that, based on knowledge lately acquired, I made some poor wardrobe choices in the past (it frustrates me that I basically wasted my time AND money buying those clothes, accessories, etc.). but hey, if it doesn’t bless your life, give it away so it can bless someone else’s life! 🙂

w/all of this cleaning and clearing activity going on, the one thing I just cannot bring myself to do is tackle windows. I hate cleaning windows. and some of ours are impossible for me to reach w/o putting myself in a dangerous position anyway, so I need to find a good-but-not-too-expensive window cleaner. if you happen to know of one who services north Utah County, gimme a shout 😉