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I’ve been called many things, but never subtle — it’s just not “how I roll,” ha! but obviously there are times when subtle is what’s required for the situation (job interview/audition, client meetings, working on set, etc.), so I have a few things that I consider to be subtle w/o being too bland (read “boring”) <G>

just got this pair of Enzo Angiolini boots from 6pm.com (sorry I don’t have a bigger/better pic of these — I snagged the last pair and forgot to dl pix before they were removed from 6pm’s site, and I haven’t been able to find a better pic than this anywhere else):

what’s subtle about these, you ask? granted, they’re metallic bronze snakeskin-embossed stiletto boots, but they’re what I’d call an “amped-up neutral” 😉 after all, metallics are considered by many denizens of the fashion industry to be neutrals, as are earthy colours like bronze. however, the “movement” in the texture of the boot works w/my natural tendencies to be…uhm, “somewhat animated” <G>

I also have a few “subtle” nail lacquers that I’ve picked up for when I have to tone things down a bit; I don’t ever like to tone things down TOO much b/c then it sends people into a tailspin when I look subtle but don’t behave or speak subtly (let’s face it, I’m pretty much any adjective you can think of that’s the polar OPPOSITE of subtle LOL — I feel like it’s only fair to give people some visual cues to my natural boldness).

at any rate, I bought Zoya’s Zara lacquer a few months ago (on a lark, really — I wanted a funky foil-finish lacq and Zara looked like it fit the bill), but I haven’t worn it until now b/c once I saw it in person it looked too subtle to suit me <G> here’s what it looks like on me:

colour: Zara is described on Zoya’s website as “A vivid blue-toned light purple with strong golden duochrome shimmer,” but I gotta tell ya, I’m not seeing blue anything (I think this pic is pretty close to real life colour, but ymmv depending on your monitor). not that it’s not pretty for NOT being blue-toned; I just see it as more of a mid-toned pinkish-purple — kind of a gilded lavender, if you will. either way, in my world this passes for subtle 😉

finish: the gold foil effect hardly shows up at all in this pic (sorry, I tried), but the finish is definitely more sparkly than a metallic lacq, but not omigoshGLITTER sparkly or even frosty-sparkly.

opacity: Zoya classifies Zara as level 5 intensity (1 = sheer, 5 = opaque), but IMO it went on quite a bit more sheerly than I expected it to, more like a level 3 IMO. I still got good coverage but NOT w/o 2 full coats of lacquer.

bottom line: Zara is pretty but practical — it’ll probably end up in my second string 😉

side note: this is Day 3 w/this colour on my tips, and hardly and signs of wear. as hard as I am on my hands, this kind of durability is pretty dang impressive IMO — Zoya nail lacquers ROCK, on so many different levels. ❤

and yes, I finally got my old lacqs shipped off today for Zoya’s exchange programme, so I should be getting my haul (16 new lacqs!!) in the next few weeks, YAY! 🙂