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a couple of weeks ago I got to fly kites again for the first time since I was a kid. I’m in love. flying kites is FUN, esp when you’ve got a kite that’s somewhat challenging to get (and keep!) aloft — there’s something to be said for knowing that you’ve figured out how to work w/the wind currents, handle the line, etc. 🙂

while I think huge, oversized kites (like this colourful fish kite) are incredible, I’d be happy w/a more modestly sized kite that I could fly w/o needing help from half the neighbourhood or requiring a second mortgage to finance the thing, EEK! we have a decent little dragonfly kite that’s easy enough for the kids to fly, but flying my dad’s bigger, finicky dragon kite was much more satisfying, esp after I finally figured out how to keep the thing up in the air (as long as the wind didn’t totally die on me, that is).

we have a LOT of wind up where we live, and there’s a nice park w/a big open field (and no power lines!) nearby, so I’m dying to find a kite I like. bird, fish, dragon, butterfly — doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s big and pretty 😀

“Let’s go fly a kite / Up to the highest height, / Let’s go fly a kite / And send it soaring
Up to the atmosphere / Up where the air is clear / Oh let’s gooooo…fly a kite!”
(from Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins)