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I’m actually not a big fan of mauve — it’s one of those “boring” understated colours I generally avoid like mad. <G> but I’m rather low on nail lacquers right now (just exchanged a whole slew of old “I just don’t LOVE this colour” OPI and China Glaze lacqs for pretty new Zoya lacqs, which should be here by early next week, YAY!), so I thought I’d work w/what I have, and one of what I have happens to be Zoya’s Nikki, described on their website as “A pale mauve purple with a subtle light mint green shimmer. A subtle, feminine shade with a twist.”

I’ve never worn this colour before (even tho’ I’ve had it for at least 8 mos), and I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but I surprised myself by thinking it rather pretty in an “upper middle class suburban housewife in New England” kind of way — I feel like I should be wearing pearls and kitten heels or something <G>

colour: IMO Nikki is WAYYY more pink than it looks on the website (my monitor made Nikki appear almost champagne on Zoya’s site, which is why I bought it, b/c “mauve” just wasn’t registering w/my little brain); the colour here is fairly close to accurate (as far as I can see on my monitor; as usual, ymmv). and while I can see the barest hint of lt green interference, there was no way I could get the camera to pick it up. frankly, I don’t think I’d notice the faint green sheen if I didn’t know from the description to look for it — “subtle” is kinda overstating things there.

finish: Zoya’s website describes Nikki as a metallic, but I’d call it more of a pearl — there’s just enough shimmer for this lacq not to be a creme; it’s nowhere NEAR as metallic as Tart (which I reviewed here), Adina (which is almost heartbreakingly gorgeous and deserves a review of its own soon), or Trixie (metallic in the extreme — me likey! 😀 ).

opacity: Zoya classifies Nikki as a level 2 intensity (1 = sheer, 5 = opaque), so I was VERY surprised by how opaque this lacq really is — IMO it’s at least a 3, possibly even a 4. I got really good coverage in just one coat and only did a second coat for good measure.

bottom line: I don’t LOVE Nikki, but I don’t hate it, either; once I get my Zoya haul, I’ll probably keep Nikki in a back corner somewhere for those occasions when “pretty but toned down” is the order of the day (fortunately they don’t happen very often — I’m not big on “toned down” <G>)

side note: it’s worth mentioning that my last mani (also w/Zoya products) lasted a whomping 6 days, which is nothing short of miraculous for me! 🙂 and interestingly enough, my nails seem to be less brittle and prone to peeling now that I’ve been varnishing my nails pretty consistently for a few weeks, YAY!