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Zoya haul post ftw!! πŸ˜€

yesterday I got my Zoya lacquers from their annual nail polish exchange (still going on until the end of this month), and now I have my own private rainbow in a shoebox in my bathroom linen closet LOL it looks to me like I got the colours pretty true, but as always ymmv.

from L to R we have: Happi, Lillith, Gilda, Tori, Kamilah, Gwin, Gabrielle, Goldie, Midori, Ivanka, Charla, Akyra, Areetha, Mimi, *Yasmeen, and *Reece; under the rainbow (L to R) are Christina and Naomi.

*Yasmeen and Reece weren’t actually part of my exchange haul; I bought them second hand fromΒ Dormant Dream and they arrived around the same time so I included them here. why? because I can <G>

it’s going to take me WEEKS to try all of these, so watch for plenty of upcoming swatch posts and reviews, YAY! πŸ™‚