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is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that “clearance sales” ain’t what they used to be, at least for online merchants…? I do a lot of online shopping (I have kids; need I say more?), and poking around sites like Victoria’s Secret or Spiegel isn’t anywhere near as fruitful as it was, say, 2-3 yrs ago. there was a time when “clearance” meant 60% off or more, and on stuff that was still cute enough to actually want; now it seems nothing short of a shopping miracle is required to find anything on sale for better than 35-40% off, and when you do, most of what’s marked down that much isn’t worth buying at any price (which is apparently the only reason the merchant has marked it down to true clearance prices, b/c pretty much nobody will buy it). there are a few sites, like Buckle, that still seem to grasp the concept of “sale” (50% off or better) but most of their stuff is so overpriced to begin with IMO (I’ve never been one to pay premium prices for brand names — label ho I’m not) that their sales simply bring prices down into the reasonable/realistic range, not necessarily the omigoshwhatagreatdeal range.

back when I really didn’t have much of a clue how to shop for myself (as evidenced by the myriad unloved, rarely-worn items I’m now clearing out of my closet), I could find bargains galore; now, when I finally know what kind of clothes look best on me and harmonize w/my natural energy, it’s dang near impossible to find things I like at a decent price. how ironic is that?