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after much earnest deliberation <G> Happi is the first colour I decided to wear from the literal rainbow of colours now available to me courtesy of my Zoya haul 🙂 this is Day 5 of wear, just so y’all know, and I’m not exactly babying my hands (if anything I’m probably harder on them now that my kids are out of school for the summer). Happi is described by Zoya as “Pink metallic duochrome. A frosty hint of gold creates a unique peachy-pink.” here’s what it looks like on me:

indirect sun

direct sun, since we actually have some for a change LOL

colour: Happi is exactly the peachy-pink colour described on Zoya’s site, altho’ I think it could just as easily be described as a cool pink w/warm duo shimmer. I actually see more than “just” gold interference — I can also see hints of green and orange. this is a fun, bright colour that’s totally bubblegumalicious. (these pix are pretty true to colour, but as always ymmv depending on monitor settings, etc.)

finish: definitely metallic, just as described by Zoya; I might even go so far as to call it a foil finish, since IMO the sparkle is closer to Zara than Tart (both of which I’ve reviewed previously — clicking the links will take you to pix so you can get a better idea of the finishes I’m comparing Happi to). whether you call it a metallic or a foil, it’s sparkly-shiny awesomesauce. 😀

opacity: Zoya classifies Happi as a level 4 intensity (1 = sheer, 5 = opaque), which is accurate — I got good coverage w/one coat, but a second coat intensified the colour and duo effect.

bottom line: Happi is a fresh, playful pink that makes me think of tropical fruit and exotic beverages sporting tiny paper umbrellas, and I *heart* duochromes, so Happi is a big fat win for me and will def go into my regular rota 🙂