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“and why that scares the #$&*@#% out of me”

my regular readers know that I like blogging, but I’m too cheap to pay for the privilege of embedding video (ha! sorry), so I can only provide the link here for the new diverging diamond intersection (DDI) currently under construction at Pioneer Crossing (PC) in American Fork. it’s a concept that’s familiar to European travelers and ex-pats; the DDI @ PC will be one of the first in the US.

while I understand UDOT’s rationale behind implementing a DDI for the interchange on the PC project (basically DDIs are cheaper and faster to construct than other intersections), I’m very nearly terrified by the prospect. not for myself (DDIs are commonplace throughout Europe), but heaven above us, Utah drivers can’t seem to navigate the “intricacies” of roundabouts, I’m not at all sure they can handle DDIs. here’s the thing: European drivers typically spend 6 MONTHS in driving schools that they pay thousands of dollars’ equivalent to attend; that’s a dang sight more training than a measly 6 weeks of driver’s ed between sophomore and junior year of high school for the average American driver. 😐

the idea behind DDI design is to keep traffic flowing w/as little disruption as possible, but once this new intersection opens here in Utah, some dang fool is bound to stop in the middle of everything b/c he can’t figure out where he’s supposed to be going. ostensibly that potentiality will be mitigated by clearly marked road signs, but I’m reserving (my very skeptical) judgment until next Spring, after the PC DDI has been in operation for a few months (it’s scheduled for completion in Fall of this year).