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it took me a while to figure out what energy type I really am, but after finding out about blended types (discussed briefly in author Carol Tuttle’s book It’s Just My Nature! and also in her new book Dressing Your Truth), I’ve finally realized that I’m a blended 4/1, or a 1/4, however you want to put it. πŸ˜‰ not that surprising really: I recall taking a right-brain, left-brain, auditory-vs-visual test several years ago, and I came back almost perfectly centered (that sounds a lot more tranquil and balanced than it really is ;\ lol). my energy type is indicative of not “just” my personality, but my thought patterns, my habits like doodling (I don’t; never have, really), how I handle my laundry (yes, really! and just fyi I’m really REALLY picky about my laundry), my face shape, the shape of my facial and other physical features, my skin texture — everything says my energy is blended air/earth.

so what does any of this have to do w/clothes, you ask? well, imagine you meet a woman who’s wearing soft, drapey clothes in muted colours and patterns and demure, simple jewellery, but after just a few minutes around her, you begin to feel like something is just “off” — she’s a nice person, but she’s bold, kinda loud, very direct, and a little intimidating. you just met a Type 3/fire who dresses like a Type 2/water. you can’t help but feel a little off-kilter around her b/c of the mixed signals you’re getting: her wardrobe says one thing while she herself is communicating something very different. that’s just ONE example, and that kind of thing happens all the time; I’ve done it myself.

I’m making an effort to dress my truth now (big reason why I’m clearing so much out of my closet), which has actually REALLY simplified shopping for me, since I’ve finally realized that just b/c I think something is pretty does NOT mean that the proper expression of that admiration is buying the dang thing. <G> I can admire the soft, flowy styles that are perfect for a Type 2 or the rich textures and patterns that just sing on a Type 3 w/o trying to incorporate them into my own wardrobe, b/c they don’t harmonize w/my own dominant energy types. it’s so easy! and y’know what else I’m loving? hearing things like “you look great!” and “you look so pretty today!” instead of “oh, what a cute top!” or “great shoes!” — now I’m getting the compliments instead of my clothes! πŸ˜‰ lol one of the things about dressing your truth is that people notice YOU,Β not just your clothes — your clothes harmonize w/your natural energy, so you just look totally put together and naturally beautiful.

the funny thing is, most of us seem to intuitively know what energy type we are and are drawn to clothes that harmonize w/that energy. but it’s so easy for us to get caught up in fashion hype — “you MUST have such-and-such trend!” — and not honour our true nature by allowing our outside to reflect our inside. I know I did — the clothes that I’m getting rid of? clothes that have been hanging in my closet, only worn 1-2x b/c I didn’t just love them. and why didn’t I love them? b/c they weren’t really “me.” so why did I buy them in the first place? b/c I didn’t really know how to shop for who I am. now I do, and it’s incredibly liberating, even FUN (this coming from someone who used to detest clothes shopping)! πŸ˜‰