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I just got back very early this AM from a short family vacation: we spent 3 days camping (yes, you read that right, CAMPING) in the Grand Canyon w/extended family, then we spent a couple of days in Las Vegas before heading home. I’ll post about Vegas separately, b/c it’s very much its own experience.

surprisingly enough, camping sucked much less than I expected it to <G> for starters, the 35-year curse of getting rained on every. single. time. we go camping was finally broken this year, WAHOO! and when I say “rained on,” I mean flooded out, not a few little sprinkles. also, hub very wisely invested in a 4×8 U-haul trailer so we could pack plenty of gear for comfort, which we never would’ve been able to fit into the back of our vehicle and still had room for the kids ;\ lol I managed to tolerate the dirt — the campsite did have showers ($2, quarters only, for 8 mins) — and the bugs weren’t too bad, even at night around the lanterns and fire. I did remember my allergy pills, so that wasn’t even as bad as it could’ve been. I got an Rx from my doc for sleeping pills so hub and kids wouldn’t keep me awake w/snoring, shuffling, etc., other campers wouldn’t keep me awake w/wilderness revelry (for the most part the other campers were very considerate and after-hours noise was almost a non-issue). the only thing I had a really hard time with is, of course, the sun: I got burnt to a crisp (I failed entirely to consider how much more intense the sun would be at that altitude, so I wasn’t wearing anywhere near enough sunblock), and I always get a raging headache in the heat, so I spent the better part of both afternoons lying on my cot in our tent and trying to move as little as possible.

one of my most enjoyable experiences was one that, sadly enough, I didn’t get to share w/anyone else: one afternoon near dinnertime before the others got back from sightseeing, I was sitting in my lounge chair out in the common area, and there were about a dozen little grey woodpeckers hopping all over the place (hub had the camera w/him so I didn’t get any pix, sorry). one of them hopped right under my chair and out the other side again, another perched up on the back of the chair next to me and watched ME for a bit LOL but the funniest thing was the little woodpeckers on the clothes line: one of them fluttered down onto an end of the line (tied between two trees) and kinda bounced up and down on it. then another woodpecker decided to come sit on the other end of the line, and it was like the first little bird was saying to the other one, “hey Fred, check this out! whaddya suppose it does?” b/c he’d bounce up and down on the clothes line, then stop to look at the other one for a minute, then bounce again and shuffle a little closer to the middle of the line, then look at his buddy, then bounce again. it was amusing in a very simple kind of way 🙂

since this is the internet I can’t bore y’all w/a slideshow of my entire trip <G> but I’ll share a few of my favourite pix (I make no claim of being any kind of fabulous photographer, but I like these):

that last one I should probably explain: it’s a macro shot of a drop of pine sap (I couldn’t capture its near-iridescence) that I was watching stretch itself out v…e…r…y…s…l…o…w…l…y… yeah, I’m fascinated by weird stuff like that. I’ve got other pix of the other side of the tree, which was so covered in tree sap that it looks like the drippy candles you see in old vino bottles on tables in an Italian ristorante. very cool, but again, I’m fascinated w/weird stuff like that <G>

I’ll blog our trip to Vegas later, that was an adventure in and of itself…