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vacay blog part 2 🙂

the trip from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas was its own little adventure: we lost the bolt on the trailer hitch, so if we hadn’t had the thing chained to the car as well, who knows what disaster could’ve ensued! as it was, hub was driving (thank goodness it wasn’t me!!) and managed to slow down w/o ramming the back end of the car w/the wildly fishtailing trailer. he unpacked a lounge chair and a bottle of water and sat off in the shade on the side of the road while I drove w/the kids into the nearest (little-bitty) town to buy a trailer hitch (again, thank goodness they had a hardware store and a mechanic to install the hitch!), then drove back to pick up hub and the trailer and continue on to Vegas. gosh that was fun (not).

when we finally pulled into Vegas and managed to park our ungainly, two-space-requiring vehicle, we found out that Orbitz, heaven help them, had only sent ONE of our reservations to MGM Grand, despite our having printed proof of having paid for TWO rooms and having TWO confirmations. note for future reference: when booking through a third-party agent, always Always ALWAYS call the property(ies)/service(s) to make sure they’ve actually received the reservations correctly. UGH!

so after spending an HOUR playing relay rabbit between MGM’s front desk and Orbitz “customer service” (I use the term loosely — I mean seriously, WHO in this day and age communicates by FAX??), MGM made WAYYY good on Orbitz’s mistake. I honestly would’ve been thrilled to death if they’d comp’ed us a couple of meals or a show or something (even tho’ technically it wasn’t even MGM’s fault). but what did they do? they upgraded our room. I mean, REALLY upgraded our room. to a frigging Marquee Suite — a 1550-sf end-unit suite w/a 180-degree view, two bedrooms (on opposite ends of the suite) w/king beds, two full baths w/marble surrounds, a kitchenette, and full-size living and dining areas. these suites START at $500+/night, and that’s in off-season. you know those double doors at the very end of the hall on the upper floors, the doors you’ve always wondered what’s behind? now you know. it was WONDERFUL! definitely made up for 3 days of camping, the trailer hitch mishap (not that either of those had anything whatsofreakingever to do w/MGM, just my experience w/the trip in general), and being hot, tired, hungry, and cranky for an extra hour of just trying to check in to our rooms. if you EVER get a chance to stay in a suite at MGM Grand, I highly recommend it, particularly a Marquee Suite.

among other amusements while we were there (the Adventuredome at Circus Circus, the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace, the pool complex at MGM Grand), we took the kids to see Lance Burton at the Monte Carlo. Lance is finally “leaving Las Vegas” after a 14-year run, so if you get a chance to see his show before closing night on 04 Sep, go. he’s an “old school” magician, complete w/doves, disappearing showgirls, levitation, sawing people in half (technically it was sawing a couple into 8 pieces <G>), the works — it was great fun, and the kids loved it even more than I did. Viv is convinced, in true Viv form, that it was “the best show EVER!” (until the next whatever comes along, then THAT will be “the best whatever EVER!” lol)

all in all, it was a good trip — if future family vacays turn out like this one did, I won’t cry 🙂