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readers of my blog know that I’m not terribly consistent about blogging (sorry), and neither is my blog dedicated to a particular subject (too interested in too many things to focus solely on one or two things). I don’t really think of myself as “a blogger,” certainly not a big-deal beauty blogger (or big-deal anything kind of blogger), so imagine my surprise to get a small package in the mail from AL, esp since I hadn’t ordered anything recently. when I opened the envie, I was completely unprepared for the colourful palette of sparkly goodness inside 🙂

Ciao Italia! is una fantastica collezione inspired by Kristen’s recent trips to Italy, particularly the Umbria region; the collection will be released shortly — both sample sets and full sizes — to be sold exclusively through the Vault Sales on the Aromaleigh blog.

as you can see from the informal swatch chart on the AL blog, the colours are widely varied and, unsurprisingly, completely GORGEOUS. I wore rosmarino, pera, and frutti di bosco the first weekend I had these pretties in my hands and fell quite predictably in love w/all of them. I can’t afford to buy full sizes of the entire collection, which I’d do in a heartbeat if I could, so I have to narrow my choices down to maybe 8-10, perhaps 12 😉 (and yeah, half a collection is a lot of restraint for me <G>)

here are my descriptions of the colours — pls keep in mind that colour is subjective, so I describe hues, effects, textures, etc. the way I see them; your perceptions may be different:

melograni: luxe pomegranate red pearl w/silvery-violet highlight and copper twinkles (like cocoa mauve wearing a party frock)
pera: muted greyed green w/super-shimmery, almost metallic finish
albicocca: deep apricot plush, almost like terra cotta, w/soft lilac sparkle
menta: shimmery fresh mint green flaunts a fantastic pink highlight while gleaming w/gold and teal glitter
lampone: frosted rosy copper w/iridescent sparkle
tiramisu: warm java brown satin w/gold glitter — as rich and delectable as the dessert it’s named after
malaga: plumwine plush enlivened w/subtle borealis twinkles
mela: hints of pink and green sparkle in a plush base of refreshingly cool mid-tone seafoam green
ciocolatto: golden brown w/a shimmery, semi-metallic finish — reminds me not so much of chocolates as toasted pinoli (pine nuts)
liquiriza: I swear this looks like a deeeeep teal in the baggie, but applied (quickly swatched on the back of my hand, no primer) it turns into a delectable dark charcoal pearl w/iridescent sparks; I also happen to love black liquorice, so this one is a must-have for me (yeah, I loved AL’s “licorice twist” lip balm, too)
zabaglione: rich custard-y gold plush w/plenty of pink and purple glitter
pistacchio: surprising forest green sparkles in a plush base of smooth pistachio green
biscotti: neutral taupe glammed up w/a frosty pink highlight and iridescent glitter
puffo: Smurf blue! actually goes steely blue applied (no primer), frosty w/silver sparkle galore; I grew up collecting Schlumpfen (Smurfs) in Germany (my parents still have them — all 50-something of them!), so this colour just makes me happy 🙂
mora: luxe plumrose blackberry satin shot through w/borealis twinkles
fragola: strawberry lemonade pink glowing w/soft gold highlight and hints of golden glimmer
mirtillo: blueberry pearl, not quite blue but not exactly purple, w/tiny flashes of pale lilac
fior di latte: palest petal pink frost w/pale gold highlight and glints of gold throughout
rosmarino: warm medium grey w/hints of iridescent sparkle (variation on a theme of skeleton key, in pewter w/less sparkle)
melone: pale green glitter in a base of jeweled watermelon rind-green satin
frutti di bosco: juicy, vibrant purple shimmer, classic grape candy colour, w/subtle pink highlight
nocciola: greenish-yellow or yellowish-green (?? I can’t decide) plush w/borealis twinkles
fico: plummy brown satin, the colour of fresh figs, garnished w/glimmers of rose and gold
amarena: superfrosted ultra-pale cherry blossom lilac-pink w/soft silvery sheen
bacio: extravagant burnished copper shimmer kissed w/golden highlight and sunny gold sparks

so there you have it! I’ve decided which ones I’m getting in f/s; what are you lemming?