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as I mentioned in an earlier post, Mythos is the first of three “cosmic farewell” collections being offered by Aromaleigh as part of their final clearance sales; these are available as Vault purchases and are NOT for sale through the regular AL shop, altho’ there is a link to this and other Vault-only collections on the AL home page.

Miss K graciously sent me samples to review: the colours in Mythos are gorgeously luxe, with a wide variety of hues and finishes, altho’ it’s worth noting that they’re all glittery to some degree or another. some of the colours look quite different on (I swatched them on the back of my bare hand, no primer) than they do in the baggie, so don’t be surprised if you see a description that seems to be something of a departure from the AL swatch sample accompanying it. also, several colours have combinations of lighter eye shadow bases paired w/darker glitter accents — while I always recommend using a shadow primer for best adhesion and wear anyway, I’ve noted colours that IMO would definitely benefit from a shadow primer and would probably also play up their effects better if applied w/more of a stippling or patting technique than regular brush strokes.

skin swatches of Mythos colours can be seen on Miss K’s blog, so I won’t be duplicating them; however, I know a lot of people find written descriptions of the colours helpful, so here we go (as always, pls keep in mind that colour is subjective, so I describe hues, effects, textures, etc. the way I see them; your perceptions may be different):

fresh-cut grass green shimmer w/golden highlight and gold twinkles, like sunlit dewdrops on young leaves

pale slate blue satin w/bright flashes of purple and gold *primer recommended

(NOTE: my baggie says “artemis” — Artemis is the ancient Greek goddess of the hunt and wild animals, girlhood and virginity, childbirth, and bringer or reliever of disease in women; while “artemesia” doesn’t actually have a mythological reference, so don’t get all in a twidget if your products aren’t labeled “artemesia”)

midtone dusty lilac w/a soft silvery highlight and plenty of borealis sparkle

cool seafoam green embellished w/gold glitter — think ocean surf dancing on warm sand

looks like a blackberry wine hue in the baggie, but goes on a deep cool brown bejeweled w/diamonds

blackened violet plush flaunting sparkly rainbow-iridescent glitter

sheer bright silver satin w/silver glitter

rich burgundy satin kissed by a sweet lavender-pink highlight and tiny lavender sparks

not as purple as it looks in the baggie, a brilliant fuchsia pearl sporting rainbow iridescence

shimmering aquatic teal dancing w/bright blue sparkle — truly the king of the ocean *primer recommended

soft peach w/gentle golden glow and twinkles of pale lilac, like the rosy light of breaking dawn

rich chestnut brown pearl tweaked w/purple sparks *primer recommended

looks midnight blue in the baggie, but no fear, it goes on a black pearl w/the barest hint of pale green interference and loads of borealis sparkle (the pic simply does NOT do it justice! oh, and I just get the biggest kick out of this being the 13th swatch on the AL reference chart <G>)

twinkly pink and green glitter cushioned in a soft pinky-copper plush *primer recommended

provocative “negligee pink” littered w/tiny pale pink and gold sparkles

palest icy lavender shimmer gleaming w/crystalline aurora borealis

dove grey plush shot through w/rainbow iridescnce

medium golden olive satin punctuated by vibrant purple sparks *primer recommended

brilliant fresh raspberry pearl glinting w/borealis jewels

deep heathered turquoise plush w/glittering gold accents

peachy-nude buff illuminated by rainbow sparkle — an amped-up neutral

softly glowing chartreuse green encrusted w/gems of glittering pink and lilac

divine sheer gold liberally sprinkled w/gold glitter

deep blue and green glitter embedded in a midtone heathered violet satin *primer recommended

flirty and feminine, a sheer candy pink w/a pale pink, almost silvery highlight and rosy sparkles

so there you have it! the colours in this collection are just as beautiful as anything we’ve ever seen from Aromaleigh — Kristen’s creativity hasn’t slacked off in the least just b/c she’s closing her business, and I for one am quite happy that she’s chosen to use up her remaining ingredient stock this way! 😀 and once again I have my heart set on about half the collection LOL (altho’ I’ll wait on most of my f/s purchases until after I’ve had a chance to see the other two collections, Wonderstruck and Spells!, and maybe narrow things down a bit. yeah right! 😉 )