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“we now return you to your regularly scheduled frivolous content” ;\ lol

online shopping can be quite the modern challenge, as texture is at best difficult to communicate visually, and colours tend to not translate accurately w/so many variations in monitors, colour settings, etc. in particular, apparel and cosmetics can be hugely disappointing if what we see on a web store turns out to be rather different in person. I still shop for clothes and shoes online, knowing that the merchants I shop with gladly accept returns and even make the process easy. but for hygiene/safety reasons, cosmetics companies can’t accept returns (which I completely understand and support), so I gravitate to firms that offer samples — that way I can experience the colour in person before I commit to a full-sized product.

however, that’s never really been an available option for nail lacquer (yes, I buy my nail lacqs online, from Zoya — I like them THAT much to spend my $ w/them and wait for product to arrive rather than just popping over to Sally’s or Trade Secret or what have you); I know I’ve got more than one shade of Zoya lacquer that I’m not completely in love with, owing to my inability to see the actual colour before I bought it. but that was before Zoya started offering colour spoons, the best solution I’ve seen to date for “try before you buy” online shopping for nail lacquer! colour spoons are well brilliant — I’m SO glad they’ve come up w/such a creative way to offer their customers about as close as you can get to a sample w/o actually being able to stroke the lacquer down your fingernail 🙂

the way it works is simple: instead of adding the full-sized lacquer to your cart, you add the colour spoon for that colour. each spoon is $0.50, BUT Zoya offsets even that small cost by offering personalized promo codes for the total $ amount of the spoons you order, to use toward another Zoya purchase, be it full-sized lacqs, more spoons, or any other product they offer through ANY of their brands! for example, today I ordered $7 worth of colour spoons, so once my order ships I should be receiving an email w/a promo code for $7 off another purchase from Zoya (or any other Art of Beauty brand). pretty cool, huh? and since all I ordered today was colour spoons, the shipping was totally FREE — zip, zilch, nada, kostenloss — for standard ground shipping. I guess I could’ve shelled out the $2 for faster shipping, but I’m not in THAT big a hurry to get my spoons 😉

I’ll be curious to see how representative the colour spoons are of the actual lacquer colours — I expect them to be pretty good, b/c they’re not coats of lacquer painted onto the spoons; they’re samples of lacq poured into the spoons. I’ll definitely be posting my impressions of them once I’ve bought some full-size nail lacquers based on their respective spoons.