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I don’t consider myself a huge Harry Potter fan. I mean, I read the entire series of books and I’ll see all of the films, but that’s about the extent of my fan-ness. I don’t know what House I’d be in, what kind of wand I’d have, or what animal my patronus would be (altho’ I admit I probably knew all of those at some point, b/c I took all of those quizzes just like everyone else did right after the first movie was released). I’ve never named a pet or possession after a character or item from the Wizarding World; I’ve never (and will never) camp out in a queue for hours to get into the midnight showing of an HP movie the night it’s released; I’ve never even dressed up as HP-anything for Halloween (altho’ I hear I could give Dolores Umbridge a run for her money if you catch me on the wrong day ;\ lol). compared to some of the tumblrs who reblogged my post there of the Spells! swatch chart, I hardly qualify as a fan at all; these people are truly fanatics (and I mean that w/a strange sort of respect — I can’t help but kind of admire that kind of passion and devotion to a subject, even one as ultimately insignificant as a work of fiction, however brilliantly written it may be).

so it was actually a fun surprise to find myself completely blown away by Spells!, the third collection in AL’s “cosmic farewell.” (yes, I’ve skipped collection #2 and gone straight for #3 b/c I liked this collection THAT much; I’ll backtrack to the other collection in a day or so, but I digress) Spells! is a wickedly gorgeous collection of colours that are named after spells that AL owner Kristen’s son has attempted to cast on her (yes, a few spells from the Dark Arts and even a couple of Unforgivable Curses; but that’s also why there’s no Avada Kedavra, b/c obviously he hasn’t tried to kill his mother, so please stop complaining that there’s no Avada Kedavra, thankyouverymuch ;P )

as w/Mythos, all of the colours in Spells! are glittery or frosty to some degree or other; and IMO some of them look very different on bare skin than they do in the sample baggie, so don’t be shocked if my description of the colour doesn’t appear to “match” the accompanying swatch. also, several shadows again combine darker glitter accents in lighter bases, so in addition to my usual advocacy for shadow primer, some of these colours NEED a primer not only for adhesion but also to play up their effects to best advantage (and I’d also recommend patting them on VS brushing them on). to be fair, I’ll warn you: as hard as I try, I’m not completely sure my descriptions do these colours justice — there’s such a rich interplay of colour, finish, and effects that it’s almost as difficult to express w/words as it is to capture on film. skin swatches of Spells! can be seen on Miss K’s blog (just scroll down past the swatch chart), but below I’ve included individual colour swatches next to my description of each colour in the collection (as always, pls keep in mind that colour is subjective, so I describe hues, effects, textures, etc. the way I see them; your perceptions may be different):

semi-metallic venom green flaunting a bright gold highlight and exploding w/violet sparks

deep java brown pearl gleaming w/a bright silvery highlight and rainbow iridescence

rosy terra cotta satin bewitched w/a soft pink highlight and flashes of bright green glitter *primer recommended

pale lemony yellow satin lit up w/subtle pink interference and shocks of borealis sparkle

superfrost grey w/silver highlight, chocolate brown lowlight, and twinkles of aurora borealis

tiny copper glitter scattered throughout a base of coppery brown plush

heathered blue-green pearl bedecked w/soft pale gold interference and flashes of green and gold

mid-tone silvered taupe frost shimmering w/rainbow iridesence

periwinkle plush commands more than attention w/smoky charcoal lowlight, pale pink interference, and rainbow sparks (I love this colour — LOVE. IT. must have it. other AL divas will find it similar to swank Elemental Lustre, albeit darker and not metallic; some might also think it reminiscent of isabella Eye Lustre, altho’ the effects are very different. if you love deep, smoky blues, this is for you)

excruciatingly luxe burgundy pearl swirling w/pink and fuchsia twinkles *primer recommended (another must-have for me — the interplay of colours here is just…WOW. yeah. words fail me)

flashes of copper glitter suspended in a base of semi-metallic blackened bronze

stunning khaki pearl has a mysterious smoky lowlight and loads of rainbow sparkle

rich chestnut brown frost w/a surprising pale golden-green interference and borealis sparks

palest creamy pearl bejeweled w/diamonds

vibrant purple sparks heat up this fiery tangerine plush *primer recommended

soft berry pearl w/captivating pale blue interference and flashes of aurora borealis

orchid pearl sporting a pale lavender highlight and iridescent glimmer

bewilderingly beautiful aqua pearl w/a strong silver highlight, littered w/teal glitter

ultra-pale orchid plush smothered in borealis sparkle (I cannot begin to explain how much I love. this. colour! it HAS to be seen in person to be appreciated, as the colour interplay and effects are impossible to capture on film — not in a product swatch, not in a skin swatch. I honestly didn’t like this one much when I saw it online, but seeing it for myself, I absolutely ADORE it!! I could just sit and stare at it…)

stormy grey satin w/a subtle silver highlight and rainbow flash

semi-metallic wheat shimmering w/a charming combination of red and iridescent sparks *primer recommended

ultra-pale heathered aqua plush w/a semi-metallic gold highlight and glints of aurora borealis

amusing purple and rainbow glitter mixed into a base of bright orchid plush *primer recommended

ultra-pale seafoam green plush w/a semi-metallic gold highlight and sparks of borealis and bronze *primer recommended (random bit of trivia: this colour is a perfect accent for one particular shirt in my wardrobe, so of course I have to have it)

enchanting bisque frost w/a fantastical russet lowlight, silvery highlight, and rainbow shimmer (I thought I couldn’t possibly need another light-to-medium neutral. I was wrong. VERY wrong. so are you. I don’t care how many other mid-light neutrals you already have — and trust me, I have plenty — YOU NEED THIS.)

(NOTE: I did not receive the sample set of Spells! as a promotional consideration; I purchased it myself)

yes, aside from the ones I gushed about, there are others in this collection that will find their way into my glittery little paws as full sizes (I’m sure this surprises y’all no end, HA!) and just so I don’t totally lose all geek cred here, I will of course be wearing Spells! shadows to HP7 when the first part comes out in mid-Nov — now that I have these I wouldn’t dare do otherwise 😉